The Point In Which I Discuss Skull Candy


To some, this might look “eerie.” To me it looks like those headstones in the back are having a particularly slanderous gossip session about the headstone walking away in the front left side.

My husband is under the impression that I am rather odd. And morbid. Perhaps he used the phrase “Morbidly Odd,” but I am not entirely sure of that fact. I’ll have to check with him at a later time. When he is not making a squeamish face at me.

One topic that he gets very cagey about is Death. For the most part, about what to do with the other person once they die. To me, this is a very practical conversation, and one that can sometimes provide further insight into who the other person is. For example, my husband has alternated between wanting to be buried or cremated with the possibility of the ashes being distributed in many different ways.

I, however, have expressed my current wish to have my skull removed from my body, plated in either gold or bronze (I’m still debating which one), with my name and birth/death dates engraved on it.

Just like this… but a skull…that is full of candy.

Then I wish to have it passed along the generational line, most likely going to the black sheep of the family. Also, it would be cool if it could function as a candy dish. I really like Rolos, but that’s just a suggestion. Mini Reeses Cups could work too.

I’ve a family member who once placed in the request that they are placed in an urn that was capped by a bowl, so you could pour M&M’s in it, and set it on the coffee table. It’s examples like this that make me believe I come by my choices honestly.

On the other hand, Chris recently mentioned something about getting the dog bronzed at the inevitable point when she dies. So maybe he is coming around to the whole Skull Candy Dish idea after all.