We All Have Guilty Pleasures, but Mine Have Subtitles


Today I will reveal a secret guilty pleasure of mine: Japanese and Korean Dramas

I got hooked on them years back, and through the joys of Netflix, I have been able to fuel this guilty pleasure (much to the confusion of the Fiance.)

Recently, I was watching one of these Korean Dramas, and found myself texting a plot summary to a friend of mine because… these are the things I do. In honor of National Guilty Pleasures Day (which I may, or may not have just invented right now), I shall share with you: My Summary of Korean TV Drama (You’re Beautiful) as Sent in Text Message to Friend Who has Little to no Idea What I am Talking About (Warning: Some Spoilers- you know.. for all of you who are going to run over to Netflix after reading this post).

File:You're Beautiful - promotional picture.jpg

Think of it as an excuse to learn a new language

Girl disguises herself as her brother to keep his new place in the boy band. She knows one of the band members knows who she really is, but a second member knows as well. All three of the band members like her (him). HIJINKS ENSUE!!!!
OK- the reason it is so important for her to stay in the band is because she thinks it will help her and her twin brother (who she is pretending to be) find out who their mother is (they were left at a convent).And right now it looks like the band member that she is secretly crushing on (the “angry one”), who she knows knows that she is really a girl, might actually be… Her half brother!!!! (Dun-dun-duuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!)

And I think that was actually the LEAST confusing way to explain that.

Update: all the members of the band now know that she is a girl. The “angry one” member that knew she was a girl from the start (that she has been pining over) has somewhat awkwardly returned her feelings, while the “quite one” member is still pining over her and she is oblivious (even after he wrote her a song).

Also: the “angry one” and the girl are not half siblings, BUT he hates the man who is her father and his twin children because they are the reason his own mother abandoned him as a child. (The “angry one” is not yet aware of the connection between the girl and her father- the man he hates!)
I sense future internal conflict!!!!!

Going into the final episode: girl and “angry one” have admitted feelings for each other, and girl has let down the “funny one” and “quiet one” down (but “quiet one” put up a fight to hold on). It has come to light that “angry one’s” mom is a jerk and actually stole the love song the girl’s dad had written years ago, and insisted that it had been written for her (but really he had written it for the twins’ mom). Lots of drama between the girl and “angry one” over whose parent screwed over the other family more (girl wins because -DEAD MOM CARD!)

Twin brother comes in town just in time for a reporter to try and unmask him as actually being a girl. All full of feels, the girl goes off and disappears while her brother settles into his place with the band. Other band members are full of own feels. Also- there is lots and lots of the same songs over and over.

Needless to say, my friend was highly amused, somewhat confused, and possibly questioning my sanity. But for me, a little absurdity goes a long way to making me and others happy (see: American Soap Operas), and that is why you will never take away this guilty pleasure.

Happy (unofficial) National Guilty Pleasures Day!